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David Yurman Helps You Stand Out

Michelle Randle

Posted on August 16 2019

David Yurman Helps You Stand Out

There’s the old saying that a photograph says a thousand worlds… that scents bring back past emotions and a song will cause happiness from different special moments in your life. This is true for me… for many of us… Many of us mark a special occasion with something we will keep.

On my 13th birthday, I received a treasure to mark the moment, crafted of Sterling silver and gold with his signature buckle on top was my first piece of David Yurman. This bracelet would stay with me for decades after and become part of my wrist stack… a piece of jewelry I could mix with nearly everything I wore then eventually find a new home on my own teenage daughters’ wrist. This became a tradition that would be passed down.

David Yurman Buckle Bracelet

My personal collection of pieces has grown over the years not just by gift, maybe more fun has been the pieces I have purchased for myself. Still today my David Yurman piece stand out… make an impact.   His pieces typically crafted in Sterling Silver & gold give me a true designer piece of jewelry for a reasonable price.   There’s a collection for everyone… from the 13-year-old fashionista to the career woman to the very busy mom…. All of which I have been at some point! Today I mix my Yurman with other designers and wear it alone but my favorite way to wear them is all together; mixing designs, metals, colors of gold & even shapes. It gives you a little more eclectic feel.

When I see a piece of David Yurman on someone today it takes me back years… to that first piece. It gives me a sense of youth… scrunchies, crimped hair and rubber bracelets mixed with one solo designer cable David Yurman cuff!   I love that my daughter has my early pieces & her own pieces to make her own collections and her own memories. David Yurman has been helping mark special occasions in our home for nearly 30 years now. While he started his career with very humble beginnings as an artist in New York City, today his collections can be found all over the world but my favorite place to hunt out those special pieces is in the little vintage stores and the luxury boutiques around town.

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