Covid Friendly Spring Fever – Jacob James

Covid Friendly Spring Fever

Michelle Randle

Posted on March 11 2021

Covid Friendly Spring Fever

Spring has arrived!  It officially here and we’ve been stuffed inside our homes for longer than anyone expected.  Most of us have even redecorated at least one room. One thing that is certain, no one has lost their sense of fashion.  We still want.  We still crave it & who knows maybe our next room to redecorate will be our closets.

In September we re-launched Jacob James and we are having the blast! My time is spent unboxing handbags from Paris, Jewels from Italy & every other fabulous accessory I can get my hands on.   What I personally love most is the extra time we have to work with each customer, to really understand everyone’s likes and wants.  Some things in our lives may have changed but this year’s fashion trends have me excited.  It makes each dinner out even more special, and you can bet… I AM READY. 

We are seeing bold colors in everything from dress to bag.  I love a pop of color in accessory but what I love more is it everywhere… unmatching and unruly, wild and crazy makes the outfit so “Runway”! Our Gucci Psychedelic bag that will create this look easily!

From miniskirts to flared denim (Yeah!) we are seeing it with… drum roll… PEARLS! I have chills.  Those who know me well know how I feel about pearls.  There is nothing classier than a fabulous strand of white South Seas or big Akoyas.  My favorite thing to do is to wear big special pearls, super casual.  Turns out… I’m not the only one who likes this.  Pearls can go with anything and they make the outfit!  Whether you are headed out black tie or headed to you favorite local dive throw your power pearls on!  I promise you’ll own the room all night or at least feel like you do. 

So, as it gets warmer… I will be taking my favorite spring trends on a test drive.  Look for me dining alfresco with my favorite bold handbag and, of course, my pearls… probably wrapped around my wrist!  Cheers!

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